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When life becomes stressful, most of us tend to get caught up in patterns of negative thoughts and become disconnected with our lives as they unfold. Research shows that this habit of mind wandering or “mindlessness” is a direct cause of unhappiness underlying depression and anxiety. The good news is that the practice of mindfulness, engaging with present moment awareness, can improve mood and attention, and lead to a happier, more balanced life.

For most people, mindfulness seems like a good idea in theory but impossible to practice. Some common misconceptions about mindfulness make it difficult for people to access and apply to their daily lives. This is unfortunate as everyone can experience the benefits of mindful awareness if practiced in a way that is accessible and relevant to each person’s situation.

Our Goal at New Pathways

To provide mindfulness training that makes sense.

We offer coaching and workshops that focus on mindfulness for emotion regulation. Our 4-session program, Mindfulness Training for Emotional Resilience is a trauma informed psychoeducational program that teaches mindfulness practices for mental health. These workshops combine simple practices for everyday life with information on the neuroscience of emotion regulation that will help motivate people to practice

We provide training for the following groups:

  • MTER groups for Mental Health
  • Mindfulness in the workplace
  • Parenting workshops
  • Supervision and training for therapists and front-line clinicians

Mindfulness Training for Emotional Resilience Program

MTER is a trauma-informed, 4 session course on mindfulness skills for mental health that combines 1) psychoeducation on emotional regulation and the neuroscience of mindfulness and 2) simple mindfulness practices that can be followed in daily life. MTER is intended to provide user-friendly mental health tools that can be used in a self-directed way or with the support of a mental health provider or guide.

Module 1
Introduction to mindfulness for mental health
Emotion regulation with mindfulness
Grounding for trauma
3 minute breathing space meditation
Bringing mindfulness into daily life

Module 2
Neuroplasticity and neuroscience of mindfulness
The triune model of the brain
How to meditate
Meditation of breath

Module 3
Mindfulness of emotions
The emotions wheel
Sitting with pleasant/unpleasant/neutral emotions
Meditation on working with emotions in the body

Module 4
Setting an action plan for mindfulness in daily life
Balancing stress with nourishing activities
Self compassion meditation

Session 1 – Mindfulness and the Window of Tolerance
​Session 2 – Mindfulness and the Brain
Session 3 – Mindfulness of Emotions
Session 4 – Taking Action to Balance Stress in Daily Life

Track 1 – Mindfulness of Senses

Track 2 – 3 Minute Breathing Space

Track 3 – Mindfulness of Breath

Track 4 – Meditation of Sounds

Track 5 – Mindfulness of Emotions

Track 6 – Standing Meditation

Track 7 – Self Compassion Meditation

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Introduction to Mindfulness Skills

A free, trauma informed course offered through Teachable.

This self-directed course is offered as an introduction to mindfulness skills for mental health. It provides 7 days of short lessons about mindfulness and emotion regulation with brief daily practices.

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Mindfulness Training for Frontline Workers

During this time of COVID-19, self-care practices for frontline workers are more important than ever.  We are committed to providing services and free resources for front line workers to support them to establish a regular mindfulness practice.

Here are some workshops that have been made available or are upcoming.  Please inquire about different formats of workshops specifically designed for the needs of front line workers.

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