Mindfulness Resources

Mindfulness for Mental Health

This page is a collection of free mindfulness resources for mental health. They are can be used in a self-directed way or with the support of a mental health provider.

Mindfulness Training for Mental Health

These are the handouts and guided meditations for the MTER program which teaches mindfulness skills for mental health.  Please click here for more information on the course curriculum.

Session 1 – Mindfulness and the Window of Tolerance
​Session 2 – Mindfulness and the Brain
Session 3 – Mindfulness of Emotions
Session 4 – Taking Action to Balance Stress in Daily Life

Track 1 – Mindfulness of Senses

Track 2 – 3 Minute Breathing Space

Track 3 – Mindfulness of Breath

Track 4 – Meditation of Sounds

Track 5 – Mindfulness of Emotions

Track 6 – Standing Meditation

Track 7 – Self Compassion Meditation

Introduction to Mindfulness Skills

A free, trauma informed course offered through Teachable.

This self-directed course is offered as an introduction to mindfulness skills for mental health. It provides 7 days of short lessons about mindfulness and emotion regulation with brief daily practices.

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Free Guided Meditations

Here are some free guided meditations for mental health.

Track 1 – 3 minute breathing space

Track 2 – Compassion Practice for Caregivers

Track 3 – Meditation on the Window of Tolerance

Track 4 – Rain Meditation

Track 5 – Stop Meditation