Mindfulness Resources

Mindfulness for Mental Health

This page is a collection of free mindfulness resources for mental health. They are can be used in a self-directed way or with the support of a mental health provider.

Free Guided Meditations

Here are some guided free guided meditations to help you
with your mindfulness practice for mental health:

Three minute breathing space

This exercise is a way to step out of “automatic pilot” and invite an awareness of the present moment. It can be used as a mini meditation to help you feel more grounded throughout your day.

STOP Meditation

This is a very brief meditation that can be very helpful for busy people, particularly caregivers, who need just a moment of pause to turn inward in the midst of the demands of taking care of others.

Mindfulness of the Senses

This is a meditation that explores the different senses through eating something like a raisin or a piece of chocolate. Try this meditation to see what it is like to explore an ordinary object with a beginner’s mind.

10 minute breath meditation

This is a longer meditation that focuses on breath. With mindfulness meditation we just observe the breath by experiencing the sensations in the body as they come and go. This is a longer meditation that helps to settle the body and mind.

Mindfulness of Sounds

In this meditation we turn towards sounds as they come and go. Notice what it is like to bring mindfulness to the soundscape around you and relate to sounds in a new way.

Mindfulness of Emotions

This is a challenging meditation where we bring mindfulness to emotions in the body. We can notice the difference between pleasant and unpleasant emotions.

Standing Meditation

When we are standing still we can bring awareness to what it feels like to stand upright and feel the ground beneath our feet. This is a meditation we can do when waiting for a bus or in the check out line in the grocery store.

Self compassion meditation

Cultivate a kinder relationship to yourself with this meditation for self compassion.

Introduction to Mindfulness Skills

A free, trauma informed course offered through Teachable.

This self-directed course is offered as an introduction to mindfulness skills for mental health. It provides 7 days of short lessons about mindfulness and emotion regulation with brief daily practices.

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